With this complete kit of parts you can easily transform your Ender 3 / Ender 3 PRO 3d printer, into a fully operative belt 3d printer. Belt 3D printers are well known for making long parts and continuous printing of mutliple parts. Ender 3 Belt print volume is 230 x 170 x ∞ mm. 

Why Ender 3 BELT KIT ?

Interested in using the potential of a BELT 3d printer?
Yes, we know there are some models around for some time, but we also know high prices keep some of us out for testing and getting started with them.
If you are already familiar with 3d printers you've probably at least heard about Ender 3 model, (or most likely have one), then you can get this complete kit and built one by yourself.

Infinite Z finally at your hand

With updated new build volume of 230 x 170 x ∞, you can print large parts or use it for multiple parts printing.
Even with large nozzles print faster and bigger. 
It supports regular Ender nozzles, from 0.2 to 1.2 mm diameter nozzle.

High quality parts and technical support

This Kit comes with everything you need for modifying your Ender 3 /PRO 3d printer.
•It includes CNC machined parts, our own designed belt system and complete set of pulleys, timing belts, wire extensions and bolts.
•Installation manual provided
•Tested Firmware is provided.
•We also provide with tested slicer profile for Blackbelt Cura.


We are working very hard for getting our kits ready for market, please stay tuned!!

Main Features

•45° angled hotend

•Infinite Z build volume

•Uses stock heat bed

•Supports silent drivers boards

•Marlin based firmware

•Blackbelt Cura slicer profile is provided

Looking for distributors around the globe.

Become our partner!

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Drop us an email with your contact information at: and we will give you very competitive prices and special support from us.
Be one of our first partners and help us spread the word, we are still in initial phase of releasing our kits to the market, so we can sort out special bussines conditions for you.

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