About us

We are Aditiva3d, 3d printing enthusiast just like you!,

We started as a 3d printing store in Lima-Peru. We mainly sell 3d printers from different brands, such Creality, Anycubic, Artillery and 3d printing filaments and resins.

Since we deal with 3d printers on our daily basis, we know all about them, hardware, software and firmware.

Because we've been offering maintenance, upgrades and technical support to our customers, we also started to manufacture customs 3d printers by demand.

Since the release of Belt 3d printers models, we find out that high prices are still a barrier for hobbyist and enthusiast, that's why we created a DIY kit for Artillery Sidewinder X1 model, later Ender 3 BELT model, and we wanted to share with everyone not only in our country.

Our main goal is to contribute 3D printing community with the right tools for upgrading their existing 3d printers and getting the most of the advantages of Belt 3d printers.

Andres Andia, Aditiva3D and now Belt 3d printer Kits