BIGTREETECH Manta M8P Control Board running Klipper

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Why choose MANTA M8P Board?

1. It is especially friendly to makers using Klipper. The all-in-one board is a motherboard with integrated dual cores. One core can be installed with traditional 3D printer firmware (Marlin), while the other core is installed on the core board and can run Klipper firmware.

2. It is also very friendly for novice users who want to use Klipper for the first time. You can directly use a motherboard to achieve the functions you want.

Manta M8P V2.0

✅ Installed with 32-bit 550MHz ARM® Cortex-M0+ STM32H723ZET6 chip, the frequency is more faster.

✅ Designed with the same connector with Raspberry Pi, giving you a confident connection with all versions of CM4,definitely, CB1. Also, a screw-reinforced installation is also avaliable.

✅ It has rich expansion ports, can support various expansion modules, such as BL Touch, LCD screen, RGB light, auto shutdown, etc.

✅ TPS5450-5A Power Chip The 5A output perfectly matches the power supply need of Raspberry Pi.

✅ Selectable CNC fan voltage, 5V/12V/24V.

✅ Added eFuse circuit protection. It will faster disconnected on overload, and automatically reset if the overload is gone, which will greatly reduce the motherboard burnout caused by short circuits or ignition.

✅ Reserved Can Bus port can be connected with EBB CAN, which will simplify the wiring and provide strong  anti-interference ability.

Update:All new ID. Added I2C,5V Servo, Expanded IO, and TFT interface. Using 12V power solution. Optimized 5V power supply circuit.

🌟The M8P V2.0 & CB1 can be the best choice for Voron 2.4, VzBot, etc. 


Dimensions & Specs

 Manta M8P V2.0

550 MHz

Driver Slot 8
Fan Port 2 pins PWM Fan x 5
4pins PWM Fan x 2
Always on Fan x 1
SoC Fan x 1
Fan Voltage Selection
Heater Cartridge Connector 4
Thermistor 100K NTC x 5
3 USB-Host 2.0
HDMI Micro HDMI x 2
I2C Interface
CAN bus Interface



Manta M8P V2.0

Manta M8P V1/V2 user manual