Artillery Sidewinder X1 BELT KIT

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UPDATE 1: kits are in stock now, ready for shipping!

UPDATE 2: Only color available will be BLUE for CNC plates parts.

UPDATE 3: Free shipping to the USA (Contiguous US), Spain, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Peru, Flat Rate for Worldwide shipping

With this complete kit of parts you can easily transform your Artillery Sidewinder X1 3d printer, into a fully operative belt 3d printer.

Belt 3D printers are well known for making long parts and continuous printing of mutliple parts.

Artillery Sidewinder X1 Belt print volume is 300 x 245 x ∞ mm. 

This kit includes additional frame parts, plates, timing belts, pulleys, shafts, nuts, wires and belt system parts necessary for transform into a belt 3d printer.

Final machine uses almost all stock parts from original Sidewinder X1 model, including heating bed, electronics box, extruder, wheels and frame parts.

This Kit includes instructions for hardware and firmware modifications also technical support is available.

Sidewinder X1 belt kit parameters

NOTE: This is an upgrade kit for your existing 3d printer, it does not include 3d printer.