Cr10S5XY, conversion kit for Cr-10 S5 series

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Note 2: There are some required files to print (switch brackets) 

Hey there! We've got something awesome to share—check out our new project! Introducing the CR-10 XY Conversion Kit, and guess what? It's perfect for those bigger CR-10 series 3D printers (compared to Ender 3 size format). This kit is like a turbo boost for your printer, YES! that old Cr-10 3d printer (which may be collecting dust by now), making it up to 5 times faster without sacrificing precision and quality.

Our team worked hard to make this conversion kit a breeze to install and set up, plus it kicks up your printer's performance a notch. With the CR-10 XY Conversion Kit, you can soup up your 3D printing game without splurging on a whole new printer.

We've decked out the kit with high-precision linear rails for smooth and accurate printing moves. And hey, we threw in some top-notch full-metal hardware for that extra durability and reliability, especially for your larger printer. If you're hungry for even more speed, we've got an optional direct drive extruder and SKR Mini E3 V3 motherboard that easily tag along with the kit.

Preorders for the CR-10 XY Conversion Kit are live now, and we're looking to ship out in June 2023. Snag those exclusive preorder prices and don't miss the chance to give your bigger 3D printer a serious upgrade.

Thanks for thinking about the CR-10 XY Conversion Kit for your CR-10 series 3D printer. We're pumped to help you ramp up your 3D printing game and hit those creative goals.

Compatible with Creality CR-10/CR-10S/CR10-V2/CR10-V3 models.


Main features:

-High quality Linear rails (3 axis)

-Synced triple Z axis leadscrews (closed sync belt)

-Anodized aluminum high quality brackets

-Metal belt tensioners for CoreXY system

-Extra second Z axis leadscrew with motor

-CoreXY extra 2 motors (more torque than stock motors)

-Biqu H2 V2s direct extruder driver (optional)

-SKR mini E3 V3 motherboard (optional)

-Print volume: 500x500x480 mm

-Final conversion size: X: 690, Y: 720, Z: 730 mm (without spool holder)

This product does not include 3d printer, is a conversion kit, and you have to put it together with the included parts.

Shipping does not include customs taxes, each country have their own customs policies.




3D model preview: