Lynx3D Diamond Belt 3d printer KIT

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NOTE1: Few units in stock now.

NOTE2: This is a full kit, and doesn't need extra parts, except for the printed ones which we will provide STL files for them.

NOTE3: This is provided as a kit, you have to assemble all parts followig our instructions manual

💎Lynx 3d DIAMOND💎 belt 3d printer with KLIPPER, unlock a world of possibilities with this convertible 3d printer, 45° mode is for long "infinite" objects, while 90° mode is best suitable for batch and continuous printing.

Switch from one mode to another without wiring, just follow the next steps:

-Loose 2 knob screws by hand on each side and rotate gantry, secure it back

-Rotate extruder 90° using 2 M3 screws

-Change cfg file for the selected mode on klipper setup

-Adjust Y / Z endstop accordingly to the selected mode



-Convertible belt 3d printer, easily switch from 2 modes 45° and 90° 

-Firmware: Klipper 3d

-Build volume:

  • 45° mode: 278x170x infinite
  • 90° mode: 278x310 (continuous)x260

-SKR mini E3 v3 board with TMC2209 silent drivers

-BIQU H2s V2 Lite (Volcano style) direct extruder

-MKS PI (raspberry clone) running KLIPPER firmware with WIFI function

-MKS TS35 color touchscreen for KLIPPERSCREEN

-24 Volt Heatbed (310x310mm)

-Improved Blue belt for better adhesion

-Full metal rollers parts

-Sync belt Tensioner for all axis

-Double driven motor with 5:1 gear ratio for each axis (belt and diagonal axis)

-Linear rails on both axis

-Adjustable belt holders on each side

-Filament runout sensor

-CNC back conveyor belt tensioners included

-Full metal anodized finish frame and parts (may vary from pictures)